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LawNext is a weekly podcast hosted by Bob Ambrogi, who is internationally known for his writing and speaking on legal technology and innovation. Each week, Bob interviews the innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in the legal industry. From legal technology startups to new law firm business models to enhancing access to justice, Bob and his guests explore the future of law and legal practice.

Jan 28, 2019

Mark A. Cohen has long been ahead of the curve. After 25 years as an accomplished trial lawyer, he founded one of the first legal process outsourcing companies and then cofounded Clearspire, the groundbreaking two-company law firm and service provider that became the blueprint for a new generation of innovative legal services providers.

Now, Cohen puts his experience to work as a legal business consultant, providing services and training to law firms, legal departments and other organizations through his consulting firm LegalMosaic. He is also a widely read thought leader for his column at Forbes, where he writes about the business of law, now and into the future.

Cohen is also Distinguished Fellow at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and was recently appointed by the Singapore Academy of Law to serve as its inaugural LIFTED Catalyst-in-Residence.

On this episode of LawNext, Cohen joins host Bob Ambrogi to talk about a range of topics. They discuss Clearspire and the lessons Cohen learned from that. They also talk about what Cohen sees as the “skills gap” in law and why it is that law schools and law firms are failing to address it. In the fact of a rapidly changing global legal economy, Cohen offers insights on how law firms should adapt.  


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