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LawNext is a weekly podcast hosted by Bob Ambrogi, who is internationally known for his writing and speaking on legal technology and innovation. Each week, Bob interviews the innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in the legal industry. From legal technology startups to new law firm business models to enhancing access to justice, Bob and his guests explore the future of law and legal practice.

Oct 19, 2020

A solo serving the Hispanic community in St. Paul, Minn., Inti Martinez-Alemán knew from the day he opened his Ceiba Forte Law Firm that he wanted to take a creative approach to client service. 

It starts from the moment clients first arrive for a consultation, when he offers a drink menu and then asks them to pick a story card that best depicts how they are feeling. It continues through his use of visuals to explain the legal process, his use of virtual reality to familiarize clients with the courtroom, and his flexible approach to setting fees. 

These and other innovations earned Martinez-Alemán and his firm the 2020 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service, presented during the recent Clio Cloud Conference. 

In this episode of LawNext, Martinez-Alemán shares his approach to customer service as well as his journey from an abogado in Honduras to solo in St. Paul. 

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